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Barletta Pontoons

Enjoy a day on the water with family and friends, cruising the lake or fishing for your favorite catch - knowing you’ll stay safe and dry aboard a first-in-class pontoon built with a patented hull equipped to handle those larger outboard motors for superior performance. Your rental will include a standard power bimini and plenty of spacious seating for your guests to enjoy. Book your Barletta rental with your friends at Blue Creek Boat Rentals today.





$450.00 plus tax


$50.00 each 30-minutes over time due



  • A confirmed reservation will hold your vessel for up to 30 minutes after your scheduled departure time, unless prior arrangements are made with Blue Creek Boat Rentals, after which it will be considered a "No Show" and the entire reservation fee will be forfeited.

  • Please arrive for your rental 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to ensure the entire rental time is allotted. Rental times cannot be extended due to late arrivals.

  • Renters and any additional drivers must be at least 25 years old with a valid Driver's License.

  • Pets, open flames, grill, or cooking equipment of any type is prohibited on all rental boats.

  • Each rental boat leaves the dock with a full tank of fuel. Once the boat is returned and refueled the renter is responsible for the amount of fuel consumed during the rental time.

  • Changes to existing reservations, rental date or time must be made at least 48 hours before the reservation date and cannot be processed online. Please call (334) 392-0867 to make these arrangements.

  • Any cancellation made more than 48 hours before the reservation date will result in no cancellation fee.

  • Any cancellation made less than 48 hours before the reservation date will be charged 50% of the deposit amount and cannot be credited towards future reservations.

  • Cancellations due to NO SHOWS will be charged 100% of the deposit. 

  • If the following conditions exist on the water: heavy rain lasting more than 45 minutes, lightening, tornado warnings, high wind advisories or any condition that Blue Creek Boat Rentals considers unsafe boating conditions, then the reservation fees can be credited towards future boat rentals. Weather credits or rain checks can only be given in person on the day of the rental and are based on actual weather conditions on the water at the time of the rental, not future weather forecasts.



  1. What do I need to rent a boat? All you need to rent a boat is a driver’s license, major credit card, and previous boating experience and be at least 25 years of age.   We always recommend you bring a fully charged cell phone in case of emergencies.

  2. What time should I arrive for my rental? It is recommended that you arrive for your rental at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time to ensure the entire rental time is allotted. This will allow time for check-in, loading onto the boat, and going over the operation & safety presentation. Rental times cannot be extended due to late arrivals.

  3. Does Blue Creek Boat Rentals provide a Captain to drive the boat for me? We do not have any Captain's that work for us.

  4. Can someone in my group other than the renter drive the boat? Yes. Anyone in your group may drive the boat as long as they are at least 25 years old, have a valid boater's license on file with Blue Creek Rentals, and have taken a boater safety course.

  5. Can I bring alcohol on the boat? Yes. There is no open container law, but remember the DUI laws are even more strict for boat drivers than they are on the road.

  6. Do you provide life jackets for adults? Yes, the boats are supplied with all required safety equipment.

  7. Do you provide life jackets for children? No, they are available for purchase in marina shops adjacent to the check-in.

  8. Do I have to wear a life jacket? By Law, children 13 years old or younger are required to wear a life jacket at all times. Also Blue Creek Boat Rentals requires any guest who is mentally or physically impaired, elderly, medicated, intoxicated, or those who are not strong swimmers wear a life jacket at all times.

  9. Do you allow pets on the boat? No.

  10. Where can I take the boat? You are allowed to go anywhere within Lake Martin and no farther than River North Marina. Click here to view map.

  11. Do you allow grills on the boat? No.

  12. Do the boats have covers? Our pontoon boats are equipped with bimini tops covering part of the boat.

  13. How many people can I put on the boat? The maximum number of passengers is 12. Each boat type has a specific maximum passenger and a weight capacity that may not be exceeded at any time. Every person onboard counts toward the total capacity and children count the same as adults regardless of their weight or size. Please refer to the Rental information page to view the passenger & weight capacity for each boat.

  14. How long can I rent and what time can I start my rental? We offer full day (8 hours). There is a specific departure & return time that must be followed when making a reservation.

  15. Do the boats have radios? Yes. Our boats are equipped with AM/FM stereos. Also, all our boats are equipped with AUX and Bluetooth inputs.

  16. Is gas included? Each rental boat leaves the dock with a full tank of fuel. Upon return, we will refill the fuel tank and the renter is responsible for the amount consumed.

  17. What happens if there is persistent inclement weather while I am renting a boat? We will issue a credit voucher based on the amount of time lost that can be applied towards a future rental. We cannot issue a refund due to inclement weather.



Blue Creek Boat Rentals

7280 Highway 49 South, Dock-1

Dadeville, AL 36853


Tel: 334-392-0867

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May 2023

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